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Leslie Van is a brand which stands for a handcrafted fashion to wear everyday. 



The label has two lines: the ready-to-wear collection and the custom-made pieces. From limited quantities to one of a kind, each creation is designed, developed and produced by hand. 


The label's founder, Leslie Van is a French born and raised fashion designer. Being eurasian she grew up with the influences of West & East. Building bridges between her two cultural backgrounds, she became a traveler at heart and the memories of her travels are a major part of her inspiration. Also, due to her hometown heritage, there is a Parisian flair in her style. 

Her fashion provides feminine and sophisticated pieces for an active and modern woman.


For its clientele to feel confident and beautiful, the designer carefully selects specific materials and sophisticated details. The high craftsmanship combined to modernity is the brand signature and each piece has a story to tell. 



You can see the ready-to-wear collections here or write me for custom-made dresses requests. 

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