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This collection, inspired by holidays spent in Abu Dhabi comes as a major one, offering basic cuts and sophistiacted outfits. Made for a woman to travel with and to be at ease in different contexts,cultures and climats, the woman Leslie Van envisions here is fiercely independent and self-confident. This collection has been entirely developped on flat pattern cutting technique, which is ideal to focus on the most important body lines through shape bases. 

The ease to move and being in action is brought through loose tops, wild pants and straight cuts. It gives to the silhouette a strong attitude, settled down on sophisticated items. Dresses are to be worn at day & night times, they are essentials of a modern woman's closet. 

The details give to the outfits their refinement: metallic zips, contrasted sewing threads, graphic patterns, see-through effects or shiny & mat fabric combination. 


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